We specialize in offering auto repair services for individuals and wholesale customers in our community, bringing more than 14 years of experience and expertise to the table. At United Airbag, our mechanics are skilled in working with all aspects of car repair: from auto body repair to airbag and seatbelt repair, check engine light services, and general car maintenance services such as oil change or brake service.

We also specialize in hybrid repairs, and have extensive experience in electrical repairs. No matter what your car repair needs are, United Airbag has you covered. When it comes to auto body repair, United Airbag offers the highest quality of services.

We utilize the most advanced tools and technologies to quickly and effectively restore the original look of your car. Therefore, whether you have minor dents, scrapes, paint chips, or major damage we can restore your car to its original state.

Moreover, we specialize in airbag and seatbelt repair, as well as check engine light services. We are up-to-date with the latest car models, and have the experience and knowledge to identify the issue and find appropriate solutions. We will run a full diagnostic check to make sure that your vehicle is running properly and safely.

Last but not least, we also specialize in hybrid repairs and electric repairs on cars. Our mechanics are knowledgeable in the latest battery technologies and wirings related to electric cars. Therefore, if your car is exhibiting any type of electric problems, you can rely on United Airbag to find a reliable and cost-effective resolution.


Top Rated Business

United Airbag is a top-rated car repair business, constantly receiving 5-star reviews.

Number 1 In Town

When it comes to airbag or electrical repairs, United Airbag is number 1 in Colorado. Even well-known dealerships are consulting us on a regular basis.

Your Insurance Partner

We partner with all insurance companies making sure that you do NOT have any out of pocket costs.



Airbag Diagnostic & Repair

We can replace deployed airbags, we can program airbag modules, we can remove airbag lights, and we do offer any other airbag related services.

Check Engine Light

If your "Check Engine Light" is on, a United Airbag technician will read the fault codes of your car. We can than explain what's going on a recommend the next steps.

Electric Repairs

There can be many reasons why an electric repair is needed: a loose wire harness, mice chewed cables, a faulty sensor or a melted connection. United Airbag will find your porblem.

Auto Body Repair

United Airbag is offering full service auto body repairs. We can work on both, minor damaged cars and heavily damaged cars. We can also work directly with your insuarnce.

Hybrid Repair

There is no hybrid related repair that we cannot offer: battery pack replacement, inverter/converter failure repair, regenerative braking system services, engine repairs, and any electric motor related repairs.

Service & Maintenance

We will take care of your car as it would be our own car. We offer oil change and oil filter replacement, break service, tire service, and any other car maintenance that may be needed.


Our van had displayed an Airbag System warning light and our mechanic nor a dealership was able to fix the issue. So I did research on Airbag repair and found United Airbag, Inc. I spoke with Daisy and she was so confident that her and Tony could fix our issue when no one else could; which they did. We are so grateful to them. If anyone out there has Airbag issues don't bother with your mechanic or a dealership, go straight to United Airbag and save yourself time and effort. We traveled all the way to Englewood from Wellington and it was worth the trip.

(Christopher R.)