Airbag Light On – Free Diagnostic

As a certified airbag repair shop with two decades of experience, we understand the importance of addressing and resolving issues related to the “airbag light” in vehicles. In this article, we will discuss the top five reasons why the airbag light may illuminate, shedding light on potential causes and emphasizing the need for professional assistance. At United Airbag, we take pride in delivering top-quality service to customers in Lakewood, Littleton, Golden, Denver, and across Colorado. To highlight our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are currently offering a complimentary airbag light diagnostic service.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Airbag Light is On

1: Faulty Clock Spring

One common culprit behind the airbag light turning on is a faulty clock spring. This component connects the airbag system to the steering wheel, allowing for proper communication. Over time, the clock spring may wear out, resulting in a disruption of signals and triggering the warning light. Our seasoned technicians possess the expertise to diagnose and repair clock spring issues accurately.

2: Malfunctioning Airbag Sensors

Airbag sensors play a vital role in detecting impacts and triggering the deployment of airbags in the event of a collision. However, if these sensors become damaged, worn out, or experience electrical issues, they may cause the airbag light to illuminate inaccurately. Our team at United Airbag specializes in identifying and resolving sensor-related problems through thorough diagnostics and precise repairs.

3: Faulty Airbag Module

The airbag module, also known as the SRS module, is responsible for controlling and monitoring the entire airbag system. If this module experiences a malfunction or becomes damaged, it can trigger the airbag light as a safety precaution. At United Airbag, our skilled technicians possess the expertise to diagnose and address any issues related to the airbag module, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

4: Loose Wiring or Connections

In some cases, the airbag light may illuminate due to loose wiring or faulty connections within the airbag system. Identifying and rectifying these issues requires meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of automotive electrical systems. Our experienced team is well-versed in diagnosing and repairing electrical problems, providing peace of mind to our valued customers.

5: Previous Accident or Impact

If your vehicle has recently been involved in an accident or experienced an impact, it is possible that the airbag light may have been triggered. Even minor incidents can disrupt the functionality of the airbag system, resulting in the illumination of the warning light. At United Airbag, we offer thorough inspections and repairs to ensure your vehicle’s airbag system is restored to its optimal working condition.

At United Airbag, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to our valued customers. With our team of highly trained and certified technicians, we have built a reputation for excellence in airbag repairs and diagnostics. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced technology and tools, enabling us to accurately identify and resolve airbag-related issues.

We understand the importance of safety and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your airbag system is functioning properly. To demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are currently offering a complimentary airbag light diagnostic service. If you are experiencing the illumination of the airbag light in your vehicle, bring it to our shop in Lakewood, Littleton, Golden, Denver, or any location within Colorado, and let our experts efficiently diagnose and repair the issue.

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